“The long-term care of patients with chronic coronary artery disease requires the cardiologist to use aggressive preventive methods and more cost-effective, non-invasive methods of restoring myocardial perfusion and reducing symptoms of angina. EECP® treatment is the perfect disease management tool for chronic coronary artery disease.”

-John E. Strobeck, M.D., Ph.D.
Interventional Cardiologist,
Co-founder of the Heart Failure Society of America
Medical Director
The Heart & Lung Center
Hawthorne, NJ


The safety, effectiveness and long-term sustained benefit of EECP® therapy have been scientifically validated through randomized, controlled clinical trials and registry data published in leading peer-reviewed medical journals.

EECP® : How It Works

EECP® therapy is typically provided in 35, one-hour treatment sessions over a period of approximately seven weeks.

To receive EECP® therapy, the patient lies on a treatment table. Compressive cuffs (similar to large blood pressure cuffs) are securely wrapped around the patient’s calves, thighs and buttocks. These cuffs inflate in a distal to proximal sequence in early diastole, and deflate simultaneously in late diastole just prior to the onset of systole. Inflation and deflation are specifically timed to the patient’s ECG to optimize therapeutic benefit.

The sequential cuff inflation creates a retrograde pressure wave that augments diastolic pressure, increasing coronary perfusion pressure and venous return to the right heart (increasing preload and cardiac output). Rapid, simultaneous cuff deflation decreases systemic vascular resistance, afterload, and cardiac workload.